Audio Visual

The work of SIL Cameroon extends beyond the written word.

National Language Media Services

The National Language Media Services (NLMS) team works to equip language communities with a variety of non-print products, in a form oral communicators prefer.  The NLMS team can provide the following services:

  • Consultations – helping language teams in their planning and use of media.

  • Resource/Training – providing training in program planning and production skills (for example: how to use Audacity).

  • Technical assistance – assisting in research development; equipment evaluation and sales; production of pilot projects; postproduction and quality control.

  • Distribution — providing hardware options for use in engaging language groups.

  • Products — producing media that is relevant to the intended audience with local ownership that will grow and be sustained (music, scriptural recordings, songs, traditional story recordings, oral stories, traditional singing, etc. and dubbing films, etc.)

Please visit to find out more details.


SIL Cameroon is actively involved in developing radio programs in local languages to be broadcast in Cameroon.

Radio and Video Training

Additionally, SIL Cameroon provides training for those that would like to learn more about Radio and Video Production.  This 4 week training, split up into a two week audio production workshop and a two week video workshop, will include instruction on making recordings, editing, and production.  For more information in English (et en Français), please visit:  You may also learn more by watching this video about the training (in French):