Development and Cooperation

The Department of Development and Cooperation consists of six sub-departments:

  • Community Ownership
  • Consultant Development
  • Spiritual and Personal Growth
  • i-DELTA (The institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa)
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication and Cooperation

These departments work together to enable and support development in language and Bible translation projects through training, in staff development, and by meeting each team's spiritual and personal needs. The departments also develop and implement strategies that result in more effective ownership of projects by language communities.

Training is handled through the i-DELTA program, which supports translation and language development projects within Francophone Africa via university level courses. The French sessions take place at SIL Cameroon's training center. These courses are accredited by the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) for its translation and scripture engagement degree programs and the African International University (AIU) for its linguistics and literacy degree programs.

The department also manages the internal and external communications and marketing of SIL Cameroon as well as  relationships between SIL Cameroon and its partnering organisations, universities, churches and its government partners: MINRESI, MINEDUB, and MINREX.