Vision & Strategy

SIL Cameroon is an affiliation of SIL International, a faith-based nonprofit organization, aimed at serving languages communities worldwide. Present in Cameroon since 1969, SIL is situated in Mvan Tropicana along the Mbalmayo Road, and works in the development of Cameroonian local languages through linguistic research, literacy, training, translation, advocacy for multilingual education and Scripture engagment. The personnel of SIL Cameroon come from over 15 countries: Australia, Bahamas, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Peru, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

SIL Cameroon focuses on unwritten languages. People who speak these languages often live in geographic, social, and economic isolation. Studying these languages results in practical help for local people and contributes to the broader knowledge of linguistics, anthropology, and ethnomusicology. SIL publishes its research and widely distributes it to libraries, universities, governments, and international agencies. SIL’s premier publication, the Ethnologue: Languages of the World, is a comprehensive resource on the world’s more than 7.000 living languages.

​​Mission of SIL Cameroon

  • Work in partnership with the government, civil society organizations and language communities to develop and promote mother tongues.
  • Access to and use of Scripture and related materials.
  • Increase the capacity of others to carry out language development.
  • Advancement of academic knowledge and professional skills.

​Facts and Figures

SIL Cameroon Statistics


Years in Cameroon!


The number of languages listed for Cameroon (Ethnologue, 21st Edition)


are living languages,


are second language without mother-tongue speakers,


are extinct

Over 200

Active personnel


Nationalities of SIL Cameroon staff






SIL International Statistics


Languages spoken in the world (Ethnologue, 21st Edition)


Total languages aided in designing their writing system


Active language projects (1.2 billion speakers)


Languages represented in SIL's Language and Culture Archives


Staff who hold advanced degrees

4 811

Active personnel


Nationalities of SIL staff