Through the years, people from SIL have written a large number of publications in domains such as language learning, linguistics and literacy. These publications document the work that has been done in the field and are available from the SIL Library. A number of titles found their way to published books and are cited on the relevant page.

At SIL we are happy to be able to make many of these publications available to the people of Cameroon and researchers throughout the world by posting them on the Internet. Using the toolbars at the right of the screen, you can explore these publications.



These electronic publications are published by SIL Cameroon. They represent the concrete results of research carried out by SIL field staff and others. Some are preliminary work papers and not polished research. They are based on field notes and are in some cases the work of young researchers with minimal training. Language policy proposals included in technical documents do not necessarily represent the position of SIL Cameroon.