One hand cannot tie a bundle

Partnerships are at the core of SIL's approach. All through the 5 decades of work in Cameroon we have realized the truth of the African proverb “One hand cannot tie a bundle”. Language development requires first of all the participation of the communities themselves. It is their language and as such part of their cultural identity. But others could and should join them in the use and protection of that language. The government of Cameroon has an obvious important role to play. It recognizes that and its role is even reflected in the constitution of the Republic. The technical aspect of language research is done in partnership with the universities. And finally, there is an aspect of language use, in which we partner with churches, international NGOs and local organizations. We zealously maintain all of these partnerships. Together with the partners below, we will work towards a great future for the 277 languages of Cameroon.

SIL Cameroon is well known in the country, thanks to its partnership with the government through its different ministries such as the ministries of:

  • Basic Education (partners in multilingual education),
  • Secondary Education,
  • Higher Education,
  • Youth and Civic Education (via an agreement signed with the NIYS (National Institute of Youths and Sports) in May 2012);

also through accords with national universities:

  • the University of Yaounde I (since 1969)
  • the University of Buea (since 2013)
  • the University of Dschang (since 2017)

SIL Cameroon equally partners with local churches and Civil Society Organizations with whom we share the same objectives:

  • Cameroon Bible Society,
  • Plan Cameroon (since 2012),
  • Elan Africa (in the pilot committee constituted since March 2012),
  • CERDOTOLA (Centre International de Recherche et de Documentation sur les Traditions Orales et les Langues Africaines)
  • NACALCO (National Association of Cameroonian Language Committees)
  • CEFAN (Cameroon Education For All Network),
  • FOBAC (Forum for Bible Agencies - Cameroon)
  • CBTS (Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary) - Ndu

SIL Cameroon also cooperates with the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (scientific and technical convention signed in July 2016) and the Ministry of External Relations (since April 2002).