Language and culture are inextricably interwoven. Effective use of or work with a language requires a good understanding of the culture that is associated with and expressed through that language.

As speakers seek to use their language in written materials, alphabet development may be needed. SIL staff have the technical knowledge to identify the sounds of the language that need to be represented and make recommendations for a writing system. Many other disciplines are needed to assist and enable language communities to develop their own language.

SIL Cameroon's work is separated into many departments. Each department is responsible for a part of what SIL Cameroon does within its work in Cameroon.


Linguistics in SIL Cameroon focuses on researching undocumented national languages, training field linguists, and providing resources to assist in linguistic data collection and analysis.


SIL Cameroon works to translate health and community development booklets. SIL Cameroon also desires to help the many language communities of Cameroon to have the Bible in their own language.

Literacy & Education

Literacy and education in SIL Cameroon, as well as SIL International, distinctively focuses on developing programs in lesser-known and endangered languages and emphasizes using the mother tongue as the gateway to basic literacy.

Language Technology

Language Technology supports language development by providing specialized software and fonts as well as developing standards which allow smooth integration between the software products SIL produces.

Development and Cooperation

The Department of Development and Cooperation is made up to six sub departments that work to enable, train and support language communities throughout Cameroon.


SIL Cameroon's libraries provide access to the latest ideas in Linguistic Research, Translation and Literacy in National Languages through information resources and high-quality services for our users, SIL Staff, university students and the general public.

Audio Visual

The work of SIL Cameroon extends beyond the written word.  Learn about the other ways that SIL Cameroon engages with language communities throughout the country.