Language Technology in Cameroon

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In partnership with other Language Development organisations and the universities, the Language Technology Department of SIL Cameroon has created a separate site for Language Technology in Cameroon. You will find keyboards, fonts, applications, and recommendations of tools that work well with Cameroonian languages.


International Language Technology

SIL's International's Language Technology team supports language development by providing specialised software and fonts. Developing standards allows smooth integration between software products SIL produces. This includes submitting proposals to the Unicode character encoding standard when new characters are needed for local languages, and serving on other international standards committees.

New users at a training workshop in Tanzania.

The Language Software Development staff work with users to improve or create software that supports language development activities (for example, language and culture research, literacy materials or dictionary development). The Writing Systems Technology (WSTech) staff is exclusively dedicated to meeting complex script needs so language communities to use their preferred writing system on their computers. They design fonts and keyboards which specifically support language development activities. For example, the Andika font is specially designed for literacy.

Legacy fonts

Many SIL Cameroon documents have been written and encoded using the so called legacy fonts. You may need them on your computer if you want to display these documents correctly. For this reason, these fonts are available for downloading below. But their use is discouraged for new documents.

Download: Cam Cam SILDoulosL

Download: Cam Cam SILDoulosL Bold

Download: Cam Cam SILDoulosL Italic

Download: Cam Cam SILSophiaL

Download: Cam Cam SILSophiaL Bold

Download: Cam Cam SILSophiaL Itali

Download: Cam2 Cam2 SILManuscriptL

Download: Cam2 Cam2 SILManuscriptL Bold

Download: Cam2 Cam2 SILManuscriptL Italic

Download: Sassoon Sans SILCAM