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These electronic publications are published by SIL Cameroon. They represent the concrete results of research carried out by SIL field members and others. Some are preliminary work papers and not polished research. They are based on field notes and are in some cases the work of young researchers with minimal training. Language policy proposals included in technical documents do not necessarily represent the position of SIL Cameroon.

The following publications are available as PDF files. The titles are links to the actual files, which you may view using Acrobat Reader or save to your own disk.

Language Title Author Year Pages Size
General General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages 1979 75 2901
General Learning to Speak an Unwritten Language 2006 49 164
General Literacy and Development, an Enquiry 1991 15 493
General Making the Transition ? 11 276
General Modifications of the multi-strategy method in three Cameroonian literacy projects 1998 17 657
General Multilingual Cameroon: Reader in Cameroonian languages 1990 137 6075
General Orthography and Identity in Cameroon 2001 31 173
General Potential Through Relationships: a View of Development 1992 10 538
General Principes appliqués dans les enquêtes sociolinguistiques de la SIL au Cameroun 1991 11 686
General Principles in Sociolinguistic Surveys, Actualities of Cameroon SIL 1990 10 522
General Principles of African Tone Orthography Design 1996 43 215
General Questionnaire d'inventaire linguistique 1976 57 995
General Rapid Appraisal: Strategy and Methodology as Applied in Cameroon 1993 15 743
General Sentence Repetition Test in Cameroonian French and European French (Test kit) 1993 50 1268
General Strategies for Representing Tone in African Writing Systems 1999 33 215
General The Use of Communication Technology among Tokombéré Youth and its Educational Potential 2014 17 102
General Tilting at the Future: How can we know whether minority language development is a viable proposition? 1993 9 371
General Training for Facilitating a Language Programme 1992 11 498
General Training Manual in Exegetical Principles for Mother-tongue Translators with Application to the Translation of 1 Corinthians 9:1-18 2005 130 436
General Transplanting -- Putting down New Roots 1992 12 439
General Which Language for Teaching? The Cultural Messages Transmitted by the Languages used in Education 1992 15 552


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